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Sick of trying to lose weight alone and want a team of people to help you! If you like accountability and want to have fun in your fitness journey, no matter your goals, T3 TRANSFORM is a great program!

We've found the secret to our success is accountability and team work. Not only team work between you and your coach, but also between you and the other women in your group. Build a community and have positive peer pressure to lose weight, not gain!

T3 TRANSFORM is a 6-week program that helps you work towards your goals. We meet twice a week as a small group and have our Facebook group to hold you accountable during the days you are not in class and your coach will be checking in on you as well to make sure you are feeling supported.

The program comes with a meal plan just for each session with unlimited classes to T3 Fitness Energy, new recipes created specifically for T3 TRANSORM participants (by Necessary Nutrition), food journals, before and after assessments, small group classes, Facebook community group with just your class participants, and knowledgeable coaches that don't just know how to get you fit; they have done it themselves through programs offered at T3.

If you’re ready to make a commitment to working hard and eating clean, sign up for the next TRANSORM session today.

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