Jennifer Soto - General Manager

Where do you find your inspiration? Passion for a goal! I become super inspired when I see someone want more for themselves; it makes me want more for myself and turns into a huge re-motivator for me – I push harder in my own life!

What is your favorite exercise? I have two favorite types of exercises –RUNNING! (I love fast stuff) And PUSHUPS! I love that sick to your stomach feeling you get while doing them and you know you are making huge changes. There are also so many variations – you can change it up for days! They are the two exercises where I can turn off my brain noise and just sweat!!

Your ‘go to’ tune to sweat to? My favorite song to run too is Gwen Stefani’s, “What You Waiting For?” Cause like the song says, “Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock, Take a chance ‘coz you might grow!!”

Any secret cheat foods? Chips and salsa! Spicy, salty and crunchy – the hotter, the better!!

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