Kilder Hernanadez

Where do you find your inspiration? I’m inspired literally by the sweat and smiles that working out gives people, when they feel accomplished after finishing a workout. My own life has transformed since I decided to change my lifestyle; losing 30lbs myself, I know that the struggle is real, but not impossible. Just knowing that I can help make a difference is all I need to keep me going.

What is your favorite exercise? My favorite workout is the one that I finished and feel proud of. To be specific, it would be yoga. You can never go wrong with yoga. All I teach is high intensity, so a change from the usual is always the best.

Your ‘go to’ tune to sweat to? My favorite tune would simply be any song that can block out the rest of the world and help me stay focused on my workout.

Any secret cheat foods? This boy loves to live; I eat everything. But, in moderation, of course.

Saturday – August 26, 2017

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