Leisha Clendenen

Where do you find your inspiration? I am inspired by people who love to compete and work their tails off to earn something. I can get tingles watching golf, basketball, tennis – anything that shows someone’s drive and “grind it out” spirit is paying off. That’s what I love about teaching at T3, everyone loves to work hard!

What is your favorite exercise? I love the feeling of finishing a hard run, but anything that makes me feel I have pushed it to the brink leaves me satisfied.

Your ‘go to’ tune to sweat to? I’m anti-music. After teaching all day, I love to turn the music off! Silence please!

Any secret cheat foods? I love ice cream and frozen yogurt. I pretty much love any dessert as long as it doesn’t include fruit – you cannot convince me that a bowl of berries is a satisfying substitute for a scoop of chocolate chip ice cream.

Saturday – October 28, 2017

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Monday – October 30, 2017

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