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Trim. Tone. Transform.

Group fitness at its finest! We have fun classes, awesome instructors, and a welcoming atmosphere.

Join The Fun

These kiddos had a blast rockin’ out in POUND this morning! Weren’t able to bring your kiddo today? No worries, kid’s POUND will be back in July! 💚 Stay tuned for a date. 🤗

First weekend of ☀️SUMMER☀️ break! Bring those kiddos to 💚POUND💚 to burn off some energy in the cool AC. You will thank yourself later, & so will your kids. It’s going to be SO FUN. TOMORROW morning at 11am. As always, walk-ins welcome! 🤗

Happy Birthday Amber!! We have POUND Tuesday at 7:15pm, Thursday at 5am and 6pm!! 👏👏👏 come enjoy the fun of working out + making friends= T3 #fitfam 💪💪💪❤️❤️❤️ @cbukinderteacher @ms.walsh

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